Would you welcome a Boomerang employee back? My poll from last week has almost closed and the responses have been incredibly consistent. There is almost an even split between those who say yes and those who say ‘it depends’.

I’m a HUGE proponent in accepting Boomerang employees back. But it extends beyond that. Many people won’t think they will be welcome back. It’s up to us as their former employer (specifically their manager) to keep in touch with them and to make sure they know that we do welcome them back.

When I work with clients on recruitment strategies this is one of my go tos. Develop a program where you keep in touch with people you’ve lost but didn’t want to lose. Even if you’re not able to bring them back, often they will refer people they know.

And let me reiterate – this is 10 times more powerful if the direct manager does this rather than HR or the Recruitment team.

This has been true for decades but it’s even more true now. People are leaving more frequently and more freely, sometimes without a lot of thought about where or why they are going (more on this in another post).

This is a great resource of potential candidates.