If you think that The Great Resignation is sooo 2021, think again.

I pulled this US stat from the HBR in 2022. This shows that the quit rate has been steadily increasing since 2009 (with the obvious aberration in 2020 as a result of Covid). I was curious as to what happened last year so I superimposed the 2022 quit rate on it. Wowsa! More people voluntarily left their jobs in 2022 than ever before. Even with the press touting a looming recession!

Then I came across a paper written by the University of Melbourne in association with YouGov that said that 33% of Aussies were contemplating leaving their job in 2023.

People are more likely than ever to change jobs voluntarily – some without another to go to – because they now truly understand that there are more jobs and people to fill them.

#employeeretention #futureofwork