A friend started a new job this week. The job is fully remote but she is spending the first 3 days in the office. They gave her a desk/cubicle with her name on a nameplate – spelled wrong.

Okay, she has a unique spelling to a common name. She’s used to that and didn’t think much about it. She pointed out the error and they redid the name plate. This time her first name was spelled correctly – and her last name was spelled wrong!!!

Seriously, how hard can it be to double check someone’s name?

It may seem like a minor thing, but as a new employer first impressions count a lot towards how engaged your new employee will be.

In this market people normally have multiple opportunities and all it takes is something this simple to prompt your new hire to second guess their decision.

If one of her other jobs or a recruiter she’s been working with were to get this information they could (and would) use it to plant doubt in her mind as to whether she made the right decision.

Sweat the small stuff. It matters.