In my last 2 posts, I talked about the consequences of putting up with bad behavior can have.

So why does this happen so frequently? Here are the top 7 things that I see in organizations.

• People don’t report it and instead blame themselves, thinking, “it’s just me”

• People don’t want to make waves

• Managers don’t want to have tough conversations

• Managers think HR will ‘handle it, but HR doesn’t have enough background or evidence to take action

• Organizations are afraid of losing revenue because sometimes the worst behavior is by the best performers

• Organizations are afraid the employee will sue

• Managers are afraid of losing employees and having open roles they cannot fill

Do you have anything to add?

#leadership #bullying #toxicbehavior

Note: I know in my home country of Australia behavior is actually spelled behaviour…but I have a lot of American followers so chose to go with the American spelling. 🙂