Just out! Gallup’s state of the Australian and NZ workforce. Here are a few stats to make you sit up and say, ‘wait…what?’

🔹 Most of ANZ employees are quiet quitting. Doing enough to get by and no more. Higher than the global average.

🔹 Nearly half of Aussies and 41% of Kiwis are experiencing A LOT of stress at work. Well above global levels.

🔹 43% of the ANZ workforce is actively or passively looking for other jobs. And I suspect this number will grow given the data just out from KPMG on CEO’s outlook for 2024 (spoiler alert – it’s good)!

🔹 All of the above is costing the combine ANZ economies $245 BILLION each year.

And here’s the KSS Principle…we know how to fix this.

✅ Stop promoting managers based on their technical skills

✅ Hire and promote managers based on their willingness and capability for leading a team

✅ Give them time, space and support to lead effectively (which might mean lowering your expectations for them as individual contributors)

✅ Teach and encourage your managers to deal poor performers and inappropriate behavior quickly and effectively.

It really is as simple as that.

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