Are you a senior leader or Board member whose success depends on navigating your organization through these very uncertain times?

Are you someone who wants to stay current on the latest workforce and workplace trends?

If so join me for this this trends update.

Hot off the press research from PwC said that 40% of global CEOs did not expect their companies to be around in the next 10 years. Astounding! I’m going to be hosting a trends update to unpack this research and prepare you for 2024 and beyond to make sure your company not only survives but thrives during the next decade.

• Why do so many CEOs hold such a negative view on the longevity of their company?

• What is happening in the talent market right now and what are the predictions for 2024? Will the balance of power shift back to the company or remain firmly in the hands of the individual?

• What can you, as a senior leader, do to help your organization become Magnificent, Invincible and Future Fit to thrive through this time of tremendous change.

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