“What do you mean? Of course I put my team first!” I hear you exclaim.

But do you?

When you have to choose between spending time with one of your team and meeting a client deadline, what do you do?

What are you rewarded for? The success of your team or your individual KPIs?

Look at your calendar for next week. Is most of the scheduled time taken up with meetings, minutiae and miscellaneous or with meaningful conversations?

Most of us want to put our team first, but for the most part, our organizational systems and processes are set up to do the opposite. Day job first, team as and when we get around to it.

And it’s killing us and them.

THIS is why most ANZ employees are disengaged, stressed and looking for work.

If/when you become a manager who truly puts their team first, you will win. You’ll win their hearts, minds and loyalty. You’ll win pay rises. You’ll win promotions.

You’ll also lose. You’ll lose stress, frustration, poorly performing employees and that feeling of going it alone. Because you’ll have an entire team who has your back.

But to do that, you may have to buck your own company culture, systems and practices.

Leadership is not for the faint of heart.

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