Despite the whirlwind of changes this year—moving, building a shed 🚗, adopting Bindi 🐾, seeing her through some health scares (more on that tomorrow), and dodging cyclones (we’re fine) —I couldn’t resist spreading the joy!

So, instead of hand-delivering the finished product, this year I sent 150 gift boxes 🎁 💌 with the raw ingredients and the recipe to clients and friends.

My incredible 12-year-old neighbor pitched in (tape guns and all!), making it a hilarious learning experience. She commented that, although the work was boring, it was a good experience because any job she takes as an adult will be boring…watch for a post next year on that one!!! 🙃

The response? Heartfelt thank you’s and heaps of adorable photos 📸 ✨—raw ingredients or little ones busy in the kitchen!

So much joy in these pics that I’m considering making this a yearly thing now, especially with my helpful neighbor!

If you didn’t get a box this time, worry not! I’m sharing the recipe in the photo.

Spread the cheer and enjoy making these treats as much as my clients did! 🍭😀