I haven’t posted much this year as I’ve spent the last couple of weeks doing things in the background. Planning strategy and content – and wishing people a Happy New Year.

When I do start to post (next week-ish) I will inevitably write a lot about AI and how it’s impacting the workplace, leadership and company cultures. It’s bound to be THE (or one of) biggest story of the year.

And I’ve been AMAZED at the improvements that ChatGPT has made. I’ve used it to write a script for a marketing video to secure a speaking spot for a very large conference in May (I got the gig).

I’m using it to help me write my new book (more on that soon) and I’ve used it to generate titles for emails.

I also use an AI Notetaker, which I usually find very helpful to refresh my memory between client sessions.

I was doing just that this morning when I read the summary for the last meeting I had with this particular client.

I have to say…AI was on crack that day!

I don’t have a teenager. I do have a deaf cattle dog that is as stubborn as a teenager so maybe I was talking about her.

And I have no idea what I said that was summarized as, “Fueling the growing child came at the cost of fully stocked snacks for guests.”

I suspect I’ll be laughing about this for a few hours yet!

Anyway, I thought I’d pop in an give you a laugh.