So, the headline from PwC‘s just-released annual CEO survey is that 45% of global CEOs believe their company will not be viable in 10 years if it remains on its current path. This is up from 38% last year.

That’s shocking.

But I think the more interesting result is that only 15% of Australian CEOs feel that way.

PwC’s take on this is that Aussie CEOs are woefully behind in thinking about and executing on the reinvention that’s needed to stay ahead of the curve. Especially when it comes to AI and the talent shortage (which Aussie CEOs list as the 2nd of the top 3 external factors that give them the most concern).

What do you think? If you’re outside of Australia, are you in the 45% or the 55% camp?

If you’re inside Australia do you agree with PwC? Are Aussie companies not taking the changes and challenges seriously enough?