Are you an engineer or involved in recruiting engineers? Beginning next month, I’ll be leading a 4 session series of mini masterclasses specifically for engineers, in collaboration with Engineers Australia and Engineering Education Australia on recruitment and overcoming the skills shortage.

During this series of sessions (which you can register for 1, all or any number in between) we will cover:

✅ How to write a great job brief. As boring as it sounds it’s fundamental – and very few people understand how to do it. Imagine starting a project without a clear definition of the scope! I’ll give you a simple process to help you.

✅ How to source talent in innovative ways. Let’s face it…we need to find different talent pools from which to fish. This session will help you do that.

✅ How to create a job ad that stands out. This session goes FAR beyond writing something to go on SEEK or LinkedIn. This will help you cut through the noise and stand out from your talent competitors. To continue with our fishing analogy. We need to use better bait to attract those scarce fish.

✅ Hiring hacks for busy engineering managers. If you’ve ever had the experience of interviewing Dr. Jeckkyl and having Mr. Hyde walk through the door you’ll love this. Simple, practical ways to make the interview process more effective, efficient and provide a better experience for the candidate.

I’m really excited about this series and hope you can join me.