Did you know that according to Harvard Business Review, 60% of strategy fails as well?

Even if the strategy involves little or no change.

Let’s say 10 businesses develop a strategy to increase their revenue by 10%. Statistically, 6 of those business will fail to do so.

It’s not that the strategy isn’t good. It isn’t even that they don’t execute the strategy.

It’s because they fail to consider if they have the right people in the right roles, proactively develop Ways of Working together and implement a crucial step that sits between strategy and execution called Strategy Activation.

I’ll be talking more about WOW Statements and Strategy Activation in the future.

I was introduced to Strategy Activation by my friend and colleague Laura Staples. She has a brilliant framework around this. I don’t feel right sharing it with you here because it’s her IP, but we will be talking about this jointly in the future so watch this space.

I adopted and modified this framework this week while working with the Integrated Buildings Division within Northrop Consulting Engineers. On Tuesday Amir Girgis and the Divisional Leadership Team came together to:

✅ Get to know each other better as a team using @Lynne Schinella’s brilliant personality profiling system and @Cappfinity’s Strengths Profiles
✅ Develop deeper relationships
✅ Create WOW (Ways of Working) Statements

Then yesterday a smaller strategy team built on the previous day’s work and was introduced to a strategy framework that includes Strategy Activation.

We ended the day by taking the framework on a test drive to create a strategic initiative.

Thank you Amir for giving these guys the time and space to do this important work. Many organizations never take the time to think as deeply as this group did. To develop a strategy and a framework for how strategy is developed – not to mention that critical missing middle, Strategy Activation!

And thanks to the group who played full out! Psychological safety was in abundance! There were plenty of disagreements, but all views were heard and respected, and many important decisions were made.

Watch out for these guys. They are becoming a formidable force in this space.