Be afraid…be very afraid. Have you heard of the Instagram Page, the Aussie Corporate? Neither had I until this weekend. Here’s what Dr. Ben Hamer’s 2024 Future of Work Compendium has to say about it.

“The second mention goes to the rise of the Aussie Corporate – an Instagram page that the Gossip Girl of the Australian businesses that ended up breaking a lot of ongoing updates from the PwC tax scandal, which was arguably the biggest news story in corporate Australia to come out of 2023. The Instagram account has earned the trust of young Aussie workers as they continue to make their anonymous submissions -Corporate Affairs teams have gone from trying to avoid a front page headline asking ‘This won’t get us on the Aussie Corporate, will it?;”

I’ve spent about 30 minutes on the page so far and it doesn’t hold back. This takes Glassdoor to a whole new level. You can bet people are making job decisions based on this feedback.

This is especially interesting when you combine it with Gen Z’s fierce belief that they can personally make a difference by standing up and calling out. The oldest turn 24 this year and by next year they will make up 25% of the workplace.