According to the World Economic Forum, Harvard Business Review and other sources, the relevancy of skills decreases by half in less than 5 years and that number decreases to 2.5 years for some tech positions.

And, due to the skills shortage, we can no longer trade out people with obsolete skills for those with more relevant ones.

The only answer is #upskillskill and #reskilling – especially in the face of the rapidly increasing performance and adoptions of AI.

According to Dr Ben Hamer, “We need to be spending 15% of our week up-skilling and re-skilling in order to stay current.”

How close do you come to this 15%? As a people leader or people and culture professional, do you support your teams to do this? Do you what skills you need for the future? Do you know how to hire people who can be brought on the journey with you?