Last Thursday I had the privilege of participating in a small group discussion to launch the first of 100% Human at Work‘s Innovation Clusters.

100% Human at Work was founded on the belief that the time has come for business to start thinking of people as human beings and not as resources – moving away from maximising profits and profitability to focus on how we can help people achieve their highest potential and purpose, which will naturally positively impact the bottom line.

I’ve been involved in 100% Human since 2016 and am thrilled to be taking part in this next step – moving from inspiration to action.

Innovation Clusters are small networks of CEOs and CHROs across the world, collaborating to solve challenges around our Innovation Themes.

They will be collaboration hubs driving innovation, redefining success, shaping new thinking and testing new ideas.

The first of these clusters is the Future of Skills.

We spent the afternoon brainstorming what a world will look like if/when we understand and embrace the future of skills and take tangible steps to prepare our organizations and the individuals who work for them.

Watch this space – this is the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Thank you to Jean Oelwang for conceiving of Virgin Unite 20 years ago! To Anna Gowdridge Chartered FCIPD and Hollie Stanton for guiding 100% Human so well. To Ian Tyler, our boots on the ground in Australia, to Kate Drews and Karen Quinlan GAICD from SMEC for agreeing to be co-chairs and to Frauke Tyrrell for trusting me when I say, “come along..I think you’ll find this interesting.”

Frauke gets the award for best quote of the day…”Skills washing.” You should really put a ™ behind that!