We often struggle to give effective feedback. In Australia, it’s the tall poppy syndrome🌱✂, while in the US, it’s overly frequent but too vague. Phrases like “Great job” don’t cut it. After 30 years of studying why people leave jobs, it’s clear the top reasons are feeling valued and career development 🌟📈. COVID has only made these reasons swap places more often. Control over one’s choices comes third, but feeling valued and career growth remain the main reasons.

Take my friend JJ, who started a new job and received her first bit of feedback nine months in. Despite excelling, she worried for months about her performance, losing sleep over it 😰💤. When her manager finally gave her a stellar review, she realized all the stress was unnecessary. If she’d gotten that feedback earlier, she’d have been even more productive and less stressed. Research shows that positive feedback boosts performance, while stress does the opposite 📊🔁. Timely feedback can transform your team’s productivity and morale. Check out the full video to learn more! 🎥✨