Last week I led the third part of a four part series on talent acquisition for Engineers Australia. This session was all about standing out from the crowd and we did a mini masterclass on writing job ads that don’t suck (let’s be honest, most of them do).

I’ve taught this session hundreds of times over the last few decades, but this was a bit different because we used ChatGPT’s latest release to help us.

I gave them a tip sheet on how to create a great, compelling, interesting job ad and asked them to work in pairs to make one of their existing ads better using those tips. I also challenged them to use ChatGPT to help them write it.

That was great – but then we took things to the next level. I used one of their ads as an example and fed it into ChatGPT and asked it to rewrite the ad for different personas.

The first was a 25 – 30 year old female who is laser focused on her career.

The second was a 40 year old male, at the top of his career, who’s not necessarily looking for work but would look at a truly unique opportunity. He also likes to hike in his spare time.

The ads were very different. They included the same content but were written using very different language.

There is now truly no excuse to write dull or boring job ads. And with ChatGPT you can tailor them to your ideal candidate.

Give it a try.