Until last week, I thought I had a pretty good handle on where things were going around the Future of Work and how fast we’d get there. Then, two things turned my world upside down.

First, the release of ChatGPT-4o, and second, an excellent presentation by Dr. Alan Thompson on AI at the @Real Estate Institute Australia’s annual congress, which preceded mine.

The biggest takeaway from Alan’s presentation was the pace of change – and how it’s accelerating.

That revelation, along with my realisation through playing with ChatGPT 4o about the scope of roles that will be changed in the near to mid term, sent me down a rabbit an AI rabbit hole.

I’ve spent most of the last five days diving deeper into AI and its impact on the Future of Work. So much so that I’ve enrolled in the @MIT @Sloan School of Management’s AI and the Impact on Business Executive Course.

There are HUGE questions to be answered around all of this like, (in no particular order)

  1. How will the adoption of AI impact the skills shortage?
  2. What will people do if/when they lose their livelihood? How will we take care of them? This could have enormous repercussions for the economy and add to crime rates, etc. People without identity and purpose create mischief.
  3. Should we be looking at a Universal Income? (See point above)
  4. How do we implement AI into our businesses responsibly?
  5. How do we guard against competition from outside our industry from companies that use AI to compete?
  6. How will we upskill and reskill the people whose jobs are most impacted and how can we use their skills to supplement the really hard to fill roles?

And the list goes on…

During the coming weeks and month I plan to unpack my thinking around these.

My question is…what am I missing? What questions are at the top of your mind?