Back in 2004 I did my first media interview on generational differences. At that time Gen Y’s (now Millennials) were taking the workforce by storm.

My interview was basically, ‘nothing to see here’. All older generations complain about the younger generations. Their lack of work ethic, their en titlement, etc. etc. and I didn’t see this as any different.

Over the last twenty years, I’ve been asked to comment by the media, from the stage and by my clients. My sentiments haven’t altered since 2004—until now.

Gen Zs really are different – and they are fundamentally changing our relationship with work. And that’s not a bad thing.

Check out this @Korn Ferry video that mirrors some of my thinking.

How does this relate to Talent Acquisition Tuesday? Gen Zs are soon becoming the largest cohort in our workforce. We must understand this generation to recruit them.

What are your thoughts? Check out the article here.

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