I’ve got something super cool to share, thanks to my friend, colleague, and fellow AI tragic, @Laura Staples. She was experimenting with an AI called Pi for a coaching conversation with an employee and just raved about it. Naturally, I had to try it out myself. What I found was a mix between a self-help app and a really useful AI tool. 🎉

Early days, but I’m loving it because it feels different from other AI tools like ChatGPT or Gemini. It’s more personal. The speech interaction feels more natural. You can even interrupt it. I started to play with it for a coaching conversation and found that it can even do a role play with you. It will take some tweaking, but it’s a seriously great tool for prepping for conversations like that. 💬

Here’s some marketing spin from ChatGPT on what Pi is. LOL…yes, I’m using one AI to write about another. What a world we live in! 🌐

What is Pi? 🤔

Pi isn’t just any AI; it’s like having a smart buddy who’s always there for you. Designed to make life easier, more productive, and even more fun, Pi uses advanced tech to understand and respond to your needs in a way that feels almost human. Need help organizing your schedule, finding information, or just want a chat? Pi’s got your back.

How Pi Enhances Your Life 🌐

  1. Productivity Boost: Pi can manage your calendar, set reminders, and even draft emails, helping you stay on top of things effortlessly.
  2. Instant Info: Looking for quick info? Pi can search the web, summarize it, and give you what you need without endless scrolling.
  3. Tailored Recommendations: Pi learns from your interactions, offering personalized suggestions, whether it’s a book, recipe, or workout routine.
  4. Great Conversations: Sometimes you just want a good chat. Pi is always ready, offering thoughtful responses and engaging discussions on various topics.

And it seems to be free! At least I can’t figure out a way to pay for it!

Update – my friend Laura has even used it for child rearing advice which she says is pretty awesome!

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