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Master storyteller, passionate educator and trend translator, Kim Seeling Smith helps organizations move from disruptable to indestructible in the post-pandemic world.

Master storyteller, passionate educator and trend translator, Kim Seeling Smith helps organizations move from disruptable to indestructible in the post-pandemic world.

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Kim’s Approach

Kim prides herself on making your job easy. From being able to quickly and effortlessly download all of the assets you need from this page, to helping you provide the best service and outcomes to your clients.

Before the Event
During the Event
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Before the Event

Working with Kim Before your Event

Kim’s clients consistently remark on how thoroughly she understands the needs of the client and their outcomes for the audience and how well she is able to meet the brief to deliver outcomes in a very engaging way.

Her approach to developing a customised presentation for your event might include:

  • One or more conversations with the client to understand the theme of the event, where her session fits into this theme and the desired outcomes and emotional state for the audience at the end of her session
  • 1-3 * 15-30 minute interviews with key audience members or other stakeholders to develop a thorough understanding of their challenges and what they hope to gain from the session
  • A thorough review of the latest international, industry-specific research around the topic
  • A targeted LinkedIn survey conducted as close to the event as possible to gather real-time regional specific data and case studies to weave into the presentation

Kim is also available to pre-record video content to get the audience excited about the event and her presentation.

During the Event

Kim will notify you as soon as she arrives in the destination city and at the event venue. She will also notify you as soon as possible about any flight delays or other unforeseen problems that may prohibit the presentation from taking place as agreed.

Kim’s presentation style is a mixture of storytelling, interactivity and stats/case studies and the audience always leaves with practical steps to take to help them achieve the outcome the client has in mind for the session.

Every few minutes the audience will be participating in polls, answering questions, participating in activities, having a discussion with those around them or reflecting on a facet of the session.

Each session is fast paced, entertaining and extremely practical.

Kim is also open to participating in onsite interviews, panel discussions or anything else that will help

Working with Kim Before your Event

After the Event

Working with Kim After your Event

Kim will conduct a strategic debrief with the client and/or event organizer to talk about wins and challenges and to provide any insights gained during attendance at the event.

Kim is also open to pre-recording a series of videos to help embed the key take aways and implement any behavioral changes needed as a result of the session.

Kim will also be happy to arrange a follow up masterclass to do a deeper dive with any topics of interest upon request.

Programs & Topics

The 5 Key Trends to Win at the Future of Work

Are you fully prepared? Kim helps you embrace the Future (NOW) of Work.

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Is Drinking Your Own Kool-Aid Poisoning Your Business?

Disruptor or disrupted, you choose.

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9 Keys to Avoid the Great Resignation

Derived from over 5,000 exit interviews.

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Bespoke culture and leadership solutions

The Spot on Hiring System™ – Hire Well the First Time

Hiring managers and HR professionals whose success requires them to hire the right person every time.

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The Unified Theory of Everything: People™

The Unified Theory of Everything: People™

Your holistic model to build and retain a disruption proof workforce.

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Kim Seeling Smith as your MC/Host

Kim is a highly engaging MC who dedicates herself fully to your event and makes you shine.

Program Details

World-class influence and experience.

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